Wound Up Beat Tape 1

Wound Up Beat Tape 1

The Wound Up Beat Tape takes inspiration from long car journeys sat in the backseat whilst growing up.

The sensation of watching the world go by blasting cassettes on your Walkman. A deeply personal way of consuming music these teenage experiences have never left the artists and still inspire them to this day. Transported to a world of breaks whilst in reality sat in the back seat of your parents car, these were intimate sessions of being totally consumed in music. This tape reflects how producers from around the world, whilst having wildly different upbringings, share the same nostalgic experience. This has spawned a wonderful compilation ranging from nineties boom bap to modern jazzy atmospherics. A wide spectrum of music held together with one common goal. Transporting you to your own back seat musical journey.
The Physical Packaging:
Like all Next Phase releases packaging of the physical product is equally important as it’s music. Attention to detail is paramount with each cassette supplied with a painstakingly hand crafted outer sleeve. These were produced by cutting individual pieces of cardboard then spraying them with paint. A paper transfer was then layered over the custom paint job before finally scratching away the paper so only the ink and paint were left.

Keeping with the nostalgic theme the supplied booklet was printed using a risograph duotone. This gives it a dated comic book feel whilst using a current digital technique. This juxtaposition of retro and modern is one of the driving forces behind Next Phase.

Edition of 100

Released February 28, 2016