Virtue Of Falling Ep

Next Phase starts a new chapter with their first digital only release. It features four exclusive drum and bass tracks that pay homage to the oldskool.

Virtue Of Falling by Infest and Dave Hoax is a wondrous take on ethereal drum and bass. The duo
craft intricate Bug Khan and Soul Pride drum work before launching into turbulent amen edits, cryptic vocal samples and an eerily mystical breakdown.

Cultivate by MAC-V is drum and bass in its rawest form. Ditching fancy musicality it begins with anatmospheric pad and time stretched beats before launching into tough amen edits and a rugged bassline.

Onesixty by Fjell is a schizophrenic take on 90’s jungle combining both light and dark elements.
Starting innocently the track then alternates between soulful chords and rhythmic rave stabs fit for any style of retro drum and bass set.

Spirit Bomb by oldskool champion Tim Reaper sees him blending techno, sound clash samples, Deep Blue style beats and a Reinforced approach into mentasm manipulation. The end result is a wildly hypnotic fusion characteristic of mid-nineties experimentation.

Released October 27, 2017