Infest – Time Will Tell

Infest Time Will Tell

Time Will Tell captures the spirit of nineties drum and bass whilst adding a contemporary twist for life in the modern age. It’s a wonderful combination of old and new, negative and positive. Illustrating an individual’s desire to carve something from scratch, every aspect has been carefully considered and painstakingly handcrafted.

The limited edition physical release defines this and the ethos of Next Phase Records. Digital VS Analog. A wooden USB drive presented in a handmade box individually covered with bespoke ink transfers. There are no short cuts with Infests creations. An almost obsessive attention to detail runs through the heart of this project.

Adopting a cathartic approach to songwriting results in a genuine sense of energy and emotion throughout all of its tracks. At times sounding like a vintage Good Looking Records release it would be easy to label this album “deep drum and bass” but those words simply do not do it justice.

It has been just as much inspired by movie soundtracks and experimenting with live instruments. Letting go of the standard restraints producing drum and bass has been paramount to Time Will Tell’s conception. It is almost cinematic in depth and scale.

Whereas his debut LP Darkofi concentrated on dark days and paranoia Time Will Tell focuses on hope, optimism and happiness. Will this more positive approach to drum and bass continue… Time Will Tell.

Released August 3, 2015

Edition of 100

Copyright 2015 Next Phase Records
All tracks written and produced by R. Peperkamp

Mastering by R. Macciochi
Subvert Central Mastering

Graphic & product design by R. Peperkamp